Transporting BeoVision Avant 28

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    Hi Everyone

    I just bought a Beovision Avant 28 DVD off ebay and am now trying to figure out how to transport it.

    The guy I have bought it from says it needs to stay upright when transporting it, I just wanted to know if anyone has had experience transporting this TV and if it is safe to be transported laying down on the screen (With pillows & duvets as protection?

    Any advice is welcome!


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    I bought a BV 7 from a well known chap on the south coast of England. It was on a stand.

    With plenty of padding it was lashed to the bulkhead of the van. I took it to Ireland and then all across france , so it’s not a problem once its secured.

    I just noticed the 28 in the title, is this the original tube BV ?

    If it is you will need some serious muscle to move it 🙂

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    I have transported my BV Avant 32 few times and always upright position.

    I’m not sure if it’s wise to turn it lying on side because of weight. Flatscreens are more tolerant I think and easy to separate from stand.

    Moved BV9 (120kgs) alone from trailer to living room. Took a while but with round wood pieces, carpets, books! (few stairs) etc. went fine:)

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