Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Prize Draw Rules & Regulations

  • This free prize draw is open to anyone aged 16 or over. You do not need to purchase any memberships or products to enter.
  • Prize Draw registration completion is based on the following information being provided: Name, Home Address, Contact Telephone Number (Land Line) and e-mail address. All entries must be posted to BeoWorld, Unit 5a Gate 2, Silver Royd Business Park, Silver Royd Hill, Leeds LS12 4QQ, United Kingdom – and must be received in the calendar month prior to the draw taking place.
  • The current BeoWorld Prize Draw will take place around December 20th.
  • All postal entries MUST be sent by Signed or Recorded Delivery. We cannot and will not guarantee entry into the Prize Draw if the entry is sent by standard mail.
  • Only one entry per household. Third party registrations will not be accepted.
  • There will generally be 3 prizes in the draw unless for any reason we manage to secure another item to give away.
  • The winner will be drawn independently and at random from all valid entries received and will be notified by email within a few working days of the actual draw date.
  • No alternative prize is available and the prize is not transferable.
  • For winner’s details please check the BeoWorld website. Winners details will be posted within a few working days of the draw taking place.
  • The winner may be asked to participate in non paid publicity accompanying or resulting from this draw.
  • By entering the free prize draw, entrants agree to be bound by the rules and by any other requirements set out in promotional material.
  • Although emails are sent to all winners registered email addresses after the draw has taken place, it is still your responsibility to check if you have won as we cannot guarantee delivery of the winning notification email due to individual spam filter settings. You can do this by checking the bottom of the ‘Prizes’ page on the main BeoWorld Website where a full list of winners can be found for the previous months draw. Prizes must be claimed within three months of the actual draw date. If the prize is not claimed, it will be re-entered into a future draw.

UK Specification

Although we will endeavour to provide new products which will be ordered from Denmark once the winners have been announce. We reserve the right to supply items that we may have in stock which would more than likely be of UK specification. This could include 220v and a 3-Pin UK plug. If a conversion is require, this will be down to the winner to purchase. we will support and help where we can.


Due to the fact that we will be supplying new products, the warranty will be the same as if you purchased a product from your local dealer. It will come with the full Bang & Olufsen warranty period.

Prize Collection / Delivery

We are happy to ship our any prize free of charge but of course if you would like to visit BeoWorld at Multicare Electronics then we are more than happy to facilitate this.

Forum Disclaimer

Electronic equipment may use or produce dangerous high voltages and may contain components running at hazardous temperatures. Great care must always be taken when working on such equipment, especially when it is powered or shortly after it has been powered. Messages in this forum may discuss carrying out tests on live equipment, but do not give specific safety warnings. The absence of such warnings does NOT imply that the action is safe. Live equipment is always dangerous. If you are in any way unsure about your ability to work with electrical/electronic equipment safely, please refer the work to a qualified and experienced engineer. The information in this forum is submitted by forum members. It has not been checked or verified by anyone, and may therefore be inaccurate. Visitors are advised to validate any information that they feel is important with reliable third-party sources, before relying on it. Neither the posters of the messages, owner of this forum, nor any Internet company involved with the hosting, storage or transmission of this website, can accept any liability for any loss, damage, injury or death caused to any person or property as a result of using the information given on this forum, website or related publications, no matter how the incident occurred. If you cannot accept this disclaimer, you may not use any such information and must leave this forum immediately.

Upgrade membership

You can always upgrade at any time during your Silver membership. However, please be aware that when you decide to upgrade to Gold we have no way of automatically calculating your unexpired time as a Silver member, so you will be charged for a brand new Gold Membership which will run for a full 12 Months and your remaining Silver membership will be lost. It is well worth considering carefully the value of registering initially as a Silver Member if you think you may upgrade to Gold after a short period! In all cases though, we thank you for supporting BeoWorld by becoming either!

Forum Rules

Please visit this link to view the forum rules Forum Rules