Beo4 Remote Button Mischief


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    Hi all!  I have a Beo4 paired to a BS9000.

    Through the stress and joy of replacing the laser – I’ve realised the remote has limited functionality.  Seems certain buttons are not working.

    7/8/9 and TEXT/0/MENU all not working.  Even the down arrow.

    It’s paired correctly (A.OPT Mode 1) .  I’ve pulled it apart and gave it a clean with electrical component cleaner – thought I knew what I was doing – it seemed to temporary (and briefly) fix it then now I lost the top row of buttons.

    TV / Light / Radio all now don’t work.

    SAT/DVD/CD and VTAPE / RECORD/ ATAPE are all fine.

    I replaced the electrical membrane inside but same issue persists.  So the button membrane is fine, but by process of elimination something else is wrong, assuming circuit board.

    Wondering if anyone else has encountered this type of issue and what they discovered was the cause and/or what they did to fix it?

    Appreciate the help and advice!  Cheers!

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    The symptoms do indeed sound like a contact foil fault.  However, the non working buttons share two of the same foil/PCB contact points (R1, R4 in the manual) so perhaps the connection between the keypad foil and PCB is dirty, or misaligned.  Try removing the clip, cleaning and re-assembly.

    Otherwise sometime the PCBs do sometimes go wrong; I have had a couple ☹

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    My Beo4 seems to have all buttons working, but giving wrong commands:

    When I pless List and Power at the same time it torns off all B&O euipment at the same time and the message ADD? appears on the screen until I remove the batteries. It doesn´t change no matter which button I push. So I can’t reach the RESET command.

    To put in CD mode to the Beosound 3000 I have to press list + CD several times. It doesn´t change tracks on CD. No navigation on the menus.

    I will try to put a video on YT and post the link here.

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