BeoGram RX

A basic radial armed turntable which replaced the Beogram 1800 in the range.

It was designed for use with other makes of amplifier and hence was fitted with phono plugs instead of the more usual, for B&O, Din plug. It came without a MMC pick up though most would be fitted with a MMC5.

Mounting Options

Bang & Olufsen’s preferred supplier for brackets and stands, STBbrackets, have made a wall mount solution as a general option for Bang & Olufsen Turntables. Distributed throughout the World by the Bang & Olufsen store network, the STB option adds to the diversity of mounting options and positions available.

»Wall Mounting Bracket

Wall Bracket / Shelf for BeoGram

A universal shelf that will support all Bang & Olufsen turntables from the past 30 years. Including three cable entry points to allow you to bring cables from below the shelf or through the wall.


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BeoGram RX Product Details

Type Numbers

5771 (1983 – June 1985)
5773 (USA) (1983 – Jan 1986)



1983 – 1986

Colour Options


BeoGram RX Product Specification

Pickup MMC 1-5

Wow and flutter, DIN < 0.09 %
Rumble weighted > 62 dB
Rumble DIN unweighted > 42 dB
Speeds 33 – 45 rpm
Speed deviation < +/- 0.2 %

Power supply:
5771: 220V
5773: 120V
Power consumption: 8 W
Dimensions W x H x D: 44.5 x 20.5 x 33cm
Weight 6 kg

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User Guide


BeoGram RX User Guide

BeoGram RX FAQs

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