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    Hi Thought Police

    It is nice to know more about your setup, your wishes and habits in using the system.

    In addition to what Geoff wrote…….the solution that trackbeo mentions in his post would be one other possible solutions.

    However this would require some additional hard (and soft) ware.

    Roon is quite advanced – you will need to run a (Roon) server somewhere in your network (could be on the Mac).

    Roon can play via Airplay, but that won’t bring you further.

    If you want to play the files as they are, you will need an endpoint to connect to the 28’s and the network in that room. There are a lot of solutions for this out there – starting from a DIY Raspberry solution to totally overpriced.

    And you will need the Roon app on a mobile device for controlling.

    Yet another solution would be to have a DLNA server running on the Mac and point that to the music files on the Mac.

    The Bang & Olufsen app has a section for playback of DLNA based music.

    All in all you will have to deal with additional hardware and to learn how to cope with the stuff.
    The great question however, is… much would you benefit?

    Some people will say that it is worth it – other will be more hesitant.

    My advice would be to start out with simply using Airplay to the 28’s from an iPhone/iPad that has access to your local music on your Mac.

    Thereafter you can start to do some experiments (if you are not satisfied).

    It will take some time to find ‘the right solution’……..and after all listening to the music must have priority over gear, that might bring a bit of extra to the listening experience.

    Once you have the A9 it can be adressed likewise. IMO it wise have a unified, convenient way of playing back your music.

    Note! When using Airplay your wireless network should be up to date and well working. You could use the wired network connection in your rooms for additional access points, if needed.


    Looking forward to read about how you get along – the 28’s are an excellent choice for speakers.