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Thought Police
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    Hi MM

    Thank you for your reply.

    Since I put my post up I realised there is a forum for using Macs with B & O. However my post is here now.

    I understand that I can reach the 28’s from Airplay on the Mac, but when I am in my living room how would I sort through the files on my Mac and select one to play? Can that be set up with the B & O app?

    Also does Airplay work through a wired network? I have some high resolution files on the Mac which I’d like to be able to play. I think Airplay 2 has a limitation on what it can send through the air, I wonder if it can send high resolution through the wired network?

    It is a good suggestion to use the 28s for my home theatre however that is in my second bedroom in my house and it is a small room, 10 sq metres, it will be a home theatre for two. I don’t have any TV in my living room and that is how I like it. What I would love now is to have very high quality music in my living room, that is the thing I feel a great desire to have.

    So, the home theatre is a secondary thing for me and when that gets set up it will do fine with an Apple TV and the HomePods I think. However in the longer term that room might well become B & O equipped.

    As an aside after I get the 28s the next thing I’d get is the BeoPlay A9 for my main bedroom, because I just love that design and it would be perfect in my bedroom. However first to get the 28s!