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    I’ll reply myself:

    In the packshot pictures from the media kit (go to “press release” at the bottom of the main site  and browse dates until it appears…) the logo is still there.

    But it can’t be seen illuminated in the promo film (which, by the way, can’t be compared with the previous one “Memories” which stands to me as the pinnacle of the B&O promo films.

    Another thing that questions me: Why Beolab 18?
    I love Beolab 18, and I’m so sad their second hand price don’t drop as fast as I want.
    But why 18’s when you know the brutal EOL habits of the brand, the age of those speakers and their, after all, average rendition.

    Why not 20’s, or 50’s.

    (Note that the press kit include pictures of 50’s as packshot, but not in “lifestyles” shot that for me at least would me the main (marketing) trigger.)