Reply To: Beoline ISDN pincode reset

Keith Saunders
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    In the Mark 1 Beocom 6000 the pin code was almost never used as intended.

    Due to a software fault which was never fixed if the base thinks it has six phone connected it will also request the pin. This situation often happened where people would reset their phone for whatever reason, so it was not removed from the base. If you are sure that the base was reset then this is not your problem, but if as you say, the phone could not connect to the base I am not sure how the base could have been reset!

    I suggest as a next step you unplug the batteries in each Beocom 6000 and replace the batteries in the other Beocom 6000 to ensure your problem is not related to one of the batteries.

    The “No Signal” situation can be the RF chip, but it can also be the battery on the margin.