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    @Sandyb: A few minutes of playing with it at your dealer’s store or even bringing one home and promptly returning it is not at all the same as owning one, living with it, and getting a true feel for its usefulness It just gets old that whenever the Halo gets mentioned the same Halo Haters show up trolling when they have no true experience with using it. We get it — you don’t like it. Then just don’t buy one. Problem solved!

    It doesn’t do browsing – and hence isn’t the device that suits me. Spending 20 hours with it wouldn’t change that conclusion.  And there isn’t a problem, given that I didnt buy one, and it really doesn’t keep me up at night.

    Was merely reflecting to the OP that it many see it as a bit too limited given the price, though those who use BLI’s certainly get a lot more out of it.  As a summation, few would regard that as unfair, let alone trolling or hater-ism.