BeoVox RL 140

The idea behind Beovox Red Line speakers was one of flexibility.

A Red Line speaker was so flexible that it could be placed anywhere. On the ceiling, the wall, or on the floor. You could hang them semi-permanently on the wall, and if you had a party you could place them on the floor and thereby add extra emphasis to the bass. The different ways of placing them accentuated different frequencies.

You could also tilt them if you chose to hang them on the wall. This allowed you to adjust the sound image and direct the sound right at your listening position. However, Red Line was more than merely flexible. It was an impressive bass reflex speaker with a revolutionary new cabinet that ‘curved’ round the sound thereby eliminating irritating resonance because there were no parallel surfaces.

Music that never stands still

Red Line loudspeakers followed your music tastes right up the wall if you wanted! All models except the RL35 could be hung on the wall or be suspended from the ceiling; and, if your dancing feet wanted to make the most of the bass notes, then Red Line could be positioned on the floor, supported by the built-in floor stand. By using Red Line speakers, you weren’t plagued by cables that wrapped themselves around your feet like spaghetti either; Red Line’s flexible spiral cables provided the decorative and practical answer.

The shell was cast in a hard synthetic material and the shape that was devised for the range was characterised by the fact that it allowed for practically no resonance whatsoever.

Great and small

You could choose Red Line in four sizes. They started with the baby 35 watt RL35 – perfect for a Beolink round-the-house system where you needed speakers all over the place. Then there was the 45.2, the 60.2 and the immensely powerful 140’s – big and beautiful with it. All the Red Line collection came in metallic grey with a distinctive red line around the edge. A matching cord was available to accentuate the red line after which the speakers were named.

In 1991 the former Redline series – RL35, 45, 45.2, 60, 60.2, 100 and 140 were superseded by the Mark 2 range of loudspeakers: RL1000, 2000, 6000 and 7000.

BeoVox RL 140 Product Details

Type Numbers

6501 (1986 05-1992)
6021 (1986 02-1994)



1986 - 1992

Colour Options


BeoVox RL 140 Product Specification

Dimensions W x H x D 50 x 70 x 24 cm
Weight – 15 kg
Long-term max. input power – 200 watts
Maximum noise power – 140 watts
Speaker impedance – 8 ohms
Frequency range 40 – 20,000 Hz
Power at 96 dB SPL 2 watts
Sensitivity 1 W 93 dB
Distortion – < 0.5 %
Cabinet principle – Bass Reflex
Woofer 2 x 16.5 cm – 6½”
Tweeter 13 cm – 1″
Crossover frequency – 800/3000 Hz
Net volume – 38 litres
Connections – Spring Terminals

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Service Manual


Beovox RL 140 Service Manual

BeoVox RL 140 FAQs

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