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My BeoWorld is about you - the user, and what you want to get from BeoWorld. From the free Bronze membership enabling you to access the wealth of information about Bang & Olufsen and the companys products on the site, right through to Gold Membership - which allows full access privileges including automatic entry into the yearly Christmas Prize Draw offering the chance to win current and classic Bang & Olufsen products! Membership consists of three levels - Gold, Silver and Bronze. Here are outlines of each level.


Bronze Membership

Free, and offers access to the BeoWorld website and all of its reference material (except user and service manuals). This level also allows access to the BeoWorld discussion forums where you can post all manner of questions and enquiries about B&O and its products.

Lifetime membership


Silver Membership

Silver membership offers all of the bronze level plus access to the archive of user and service manuals for B&O products. This level also allows you to post on the "For Sale" and "Wanted" sections on our forum which are full of bargains and an excellent place to sell your B&O.

12 months membership


Gold Membership

The highest level which allows access to all sections on the BeoWorld website PLUS qualifies you for automatic entry every quarter of your membership into the BeoWorld Yearly Christmas Prize Draw where you can win literally thousands of pounds worth of current and vintage B&O.

12 months membership

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