BeoVision 7100

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Manufactured: 1981 - 1984

These high quality remote control colour TVs had 8 channels which could be pre-tuned for instant access via the infra-red Video Terminal. Volume level and picture adjustments could also be made without moving more than a finger. Bass and treble tone and picture contrast adjustments were made via the controls sited behind the set's front fascia.

All models used the 30AX in-line self-converging picture tube with its High Bright characteristics. Bang & Olufsen's unique Permanent Colour Truth circuitry ensured that the balance between colours was always correct. Together, these features guaranteed a top quality picture that would not deteriorate as the set got older.

Teletext was available as an optional feature on all three models. When fitted, Teletext was accessible via the same Video Terminal used for ordinary entertainment viewing.

Beovisions 5100, 7100 and 8100 came complete with a smooth gliding undercarriage. Apart from screen size and cabinet options, they were technically identical in all respects.

Sound output was 6 watts RMS. Connections were provided for an extension speaker and tape recorder; the tape socket had an alternative function - you could use it to feed the TV sound through your hi-fi system. (From B&O Catalogue Supplement Winter 1982/83)

BeoVision 7100 Product Specifications

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