BeoCord V8800 V2000 VCR

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Manufactured: 1981 - 1983
Colours: Rosewood, Teak

Beosystem 8800 Video was the only fully integrated home video system on the market in the early 1980's. It comprised the Beocord 8800 video recorder, the Beovision 8800 colour TV, the Beovision Video Terminal and an elegant custom-built stand.

These individual components were designed to match and function harmoniously as one complete system, from a technical, functional, aesthetic and operational point of view. That is why you could operate all primary functions in the entire system from a distance using one infra-red remote control module. This gave you fast, easy, direct access to all facilities, whether these were ordinary TV programmes, recording or playback of video cassettes or Teletext home information services (when the Teletext circuitry is installed). Naturally, you could also make all important sound and video adjustments from the comfort of your chair.

The heart of Beocord 8800 Video was the 2 x 4-hour flip-over cassette - as part of the V2000 video system (similar to VHS and Betamax). It allowed you to make use of up to 8 hours recording time on one cassette, whereas most competing systems offered just 3,25 hours. Thus, the cassette was not only more convenient, it was also more economical to use than any other cassette on the market.

Another outstanding feature was that you could programme the Beocord to make 5 unattended recordings from 5 different TV channels at 5 different times up to 16 days in advance. You could have a relaxing holiday or travel on business, and be rest assured that you wouldn't have to miss any of the programmes in your favourite TV series.

This creative use of machine intelligence (micro-computers) and the degree of flexibility and convenience afforded were unparalleled in competing video recorders. So too was the ease and speed with which you could operate the machine, thanks to its logical operation facilities and its large communication panel.

Optional stand

The optional stand for the Beosystem 8800 Video was both functional and attractive. It combined the TV receiver and recorder into one harmonious system, making the units even easier to install and convenient to live with at home. The positions of TV and VCR were reversible and the TV shelf had a rotating plate so you could alter its viewing angle at will. Beneath the shelf was a drawer for storing cassettes, headphones and other accessories. The stand was made of black anodised aluminium.

Programming the Beocord 8800 Video to make up to 5 unattended recordings during a 16-day period was both quick and easy, thanks to its logical operation facilities and microcomputers.

Illuminated symbols on the machine's communication panel guided you through programming, step by step, confirming each step and keeping you informed at all times. You could even check your programming for accuracy and correct mistakes using the clear button. The 8-hour flip-over cassette allowed you to make high quality recordings at a lower cost per programme than ever before. The cassette had a tamper-proof design. Quite simply, it was impossible to damage it by accidentally touching the tape or any of its moving parts. A unique safety slider prevented you from inadvertently erasing a recorded cassette.

The Beovision Video Terminal was a remote control module which transmitted your instructions to the Beovision colour TV or the Beovision 8800 Video on a beam of infra-red light. It gave you immediate access to all primary functions on the Beosystem 8800 Video from anywhere in your room. You could select any of 16 TV channels on the Beovision. Or up to 26 if you made use of the Beocord's TV tuning and storing facility. You could make video recordings or play a cassette. And if you had Teletext installed in your TV, you could operate this advanced home information service from a distance.

Naturally, you could also adjust volume levels, brilliance and colour without leaving your chair. Or mute the set but retain the picture, if the phone rang.

The Beovision Video Terminal was an integral part of Beovision 8800. Beocord 8800 Video could also be used with non-Bang & Olufsen TVs. If you chose to do so, you could still operate Beocord's functions from a distance using the Beovision Video Terminal which was available separately (Type 3319).

BeoCord V8800 V2000 VCR Product Specifications

Types: 4411 (1981 - Dec 1981)
GB 4412 (1981 - Jan 1982)

Infra-red remote control
Cassette system Video 2000

Max. playing time
Max. 2 min. VCC 480
Fast forward and rewind Max. 2 min. VCC 480, 4 hours

TV channels: VHF 2 - 11, UHF 21-69
Play channel UHF 37 (adjustable 31-43)
Number of TV programmes: 26
Time programming 5 programmes
Number of days 16

Placement max. slope: +/- 15°
Placement min. height: 24cm
Ambient temperature: + 10/ + 35°C
Relative humidity: 30 - 75 %

Dimensions W x H x D: 55 x 16 x 43cm
Weight 18 kg

Connections: Aerial 75 ohms

Created: 20th January 2007
Modified: 11th February 2007

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