BeoCord V8000 VHS VCR

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Manufactured: 1998 - 2005
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Blue, Green, Red, Black, Silver, Grey, White

BeoCord V8000 video tape recorder matched the Beovision MX range of Bang & Olufsen televisions in looks as well as performance.

You could store a channel on the Beovision MX TV and it was automatically communicated to the V8000. Recording was a simple matter of selecting the programme directly from Teletext using the Beo4 remote control. It could be positioned by using one of the stands as part of a Beovision TV.

BeoCord V8000 rewound a three-hour tape in 95 seconds and it shifted from fast forward to play in a split second.

Other features included NTSC stereo playback. Looks-wise it embodied a black fascia with a choice of cabinets in pearlescent shades of blue, green, red, grey and black, plus glossy grey and glossy white.

BeoCord V8000 VHS VCR Product Specifications

Dimensions W x H x D / Weight:
38 x 10 x 28 cm / 4.3 kg

Cabinet finish:
White, black, silver, red, green, blue

Remote control: Beo4, Beo1
Tuner range: VHF, S, Hyper, UHF
CTV system: According to type: B/G/L/L/I/D/K PAL, SECAM*
TV programmes: 99
Stereo decoder: According to type: NICAM + A2, NICAM
Improved picture quality: Automatic optimised for own and rental tapes

Recording system:
Type 4605: PAL, SECAM, ME
SECAM to PAL transcoded recordings Slow motion: 1/2,1/12 x normal speed
Still picture: Noiseless
Tape counter: Time left, time used
Track marker: Set and erase
Timer programming: 8, 1 year
Sound system: Hi-Fi stereo
Video playing time, E-240: SP 4 hours, LP 8 hours (NTSC: SP, EP, LP)
Audio playing time, E-240: LP 8 hours

AV: AV Link 21-pin socket
Camcorder IN: 3 phono sockets
V-Tape decoder: AV 21-pin socket
RF input socket: 75 ohms
RF output socket: 75 ohms

Cassette system: VHS
Quickloading: Yes
Subtitles from Teletext: Yes, in colours
On screen display: Yes

Playback of tapes recorded in:
NTSC 3.58 and NTSC 4.43 in Hi-Fi stereo sound
S-VHS (VHS quality)

Disc sizes: 12 cm - 8 cm
Frequency range: 20Hz - 20KHz
Playback the and rewind: Approx. 95 sec. E-180
Search forward/backward: PAL, SECAM: 5 x and 11 x normal speed,

Signal-to-noise-ratio SP mode:
Luminance >= 48 dB
Chrominance >= 38 dB (AM)
Chrominance >= 31 dB (PM)

Sound, compatible Hi-Fi/normal:
Stereo Hi-Fi/mono fixed head

Tape heads: 2 LP video, 2 SP video, 2 Hi-Fi sound
Sound frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz, 1 3 dB
Hi-Fi distortion: <= 1%
Signal-to-Noise ratio A-weighted: > 63 dB
Modulator tuning range: 471 - 855 MHz, System I
Power supply: 180 - 240 volts/50 Hz
Power consumption: Typical 22 watts / standby< 2.1 watts

*Type No. 4609: I, PAL, NICAM I
*Type No. 4601: B/G, PAL, NICAM B/G

Most recent S/W 3.13

Created: 20th January 2007
Modified: 15th March 2007

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