EarSet 1 Mobile

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Manufactured: 2004 - present
Designer: Anders Hermansen
Colours: Silver

EarSet 1 Mobile offers the best speech recognition and listening experience available; the tiny closed-cabinet loudspeaker unit offers the same ultimate sound performance as the A8 Earphones.

EarSet 1 Mobile are outstanding headsets optimised for hands-free conversations and offers superb performance when you are both speaking and listening. The acoustic construction is made so it represses noise from the surroundings, allowing the receiver to hear loud and clear sound reproduction, even if you have a conversation in a noisy environment.

EarSet 1 Mobile offers precisely the same excellent performance as EarSet 1 Home and can be used with most mobile telephones. It is also available in two versions, for the left ear and the right ear. The unit has a relatively short microphone arm, which makes it easier and more convenient to carry in a pocket, when not in use.

EarSet 1 Mobile Product Specifications

- Microphone
Electret condenser
- Loudspeaker
Electro-dynamic speaker

In-ear type (intra concha earphone)
Dimensions: W x H x D 35 x 59 x 14 mm
- Microphone arm Length 75 mm
Weight 20 g
Finish: Aluminium: natural
Cord: 1.2 m
Hook switch On/Off *: Yes
Plug: 2.5 mm Jack
Variants **: EarSet 1 Mobile Left (Type 0016)

EarSet 1 Mobile Right (Type 0017)
EarSet 1 Mobile Left, with Collar (Type 0013)
EarSet 1 Mobile Right, with Collar (Type 0014)
Optional extra: Adaptors

* not all mobile phones support the hook on/off button placed on the cable when using an adaptor.
** Type 0013 and 0014 is primarily for use in the Japanese market
** Type 0016 and 0017 is for the standard adaptor market in EU, Asia and USA

Product number
Mobile type
7229000 Nokia 7210/6610
7229001 Siemens C55/S55
7229002 Nokia 3210/3310/3330/3410/3510/6510/8210/8310/8850/8910
7229003 Ericsson T28/T29/R310/R320/A2618/A2628/T20/T39/R380/R5207T65/T68/T66/R600/T200
7229004 Nokia 5110/61xx/6210/6310/7110

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Created: 20th January 2007
Modified: 12th February 2007

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