Cabinet 4068 for BeoVision 3

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Manufactured: 2003 - 2006
Colours: Silver

Designed to be used with BeoVision 3-32 and 3-28, the unit is also compatible with BeoVisions 6 and 7. The cabinet's three-drawers may accommodate up to 3 separate units (Sky, FreeView, HDR1, DVD1, V8000 etc).

This cabinet secured many a sale of BeoVision 6 and BeoVision 7, and caused a great deal of frustration for dealers when Bang & Olufsen discontinued it along with the BeoVision 3 !!

The stand is pictured along with a BeoVison 3.

Part number : 1406811

Cabinet 4068 for BeoVision 3 Product Specifications

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Created: 20th January 2007
Modified: 12th February 2007

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