Beosystem 6000 Commander

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Manufactured: 1974 - 1977
Designer: Jacob Jensen
Colours: Silver, Grey

This was B&O's first remote control, predating the Beomaster 2400. Known affectionately as the brick, it was very necessary as setting up a quad system required to be sitting at the centre of the four speakers. It allowed control of the volume and Beomaster source though it was not able to control any device except the Beomaster. It used ultrasonic rather that infra red waves and needed to be aimed at the Beomaster.

Beosystem 6000 Commander Product Specifications

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Created: 11th January 2007
Modified: 12th February 2007

Author Notes:

The battery that both Beosystem 6000 and Beosystem 2400 Commanders accepted was the 15V Varta V74PX IEC 10 LR54

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