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Manufactured: 2001 - 2006
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Black/Silver/Green/Yellow/Blue/Red/Green

Widescreen as you wish from Bang & Olufsen

Widescreen-viewing, eye-catching colours, powerful sound, a 77cm viewable screen and customer optimisation characterise BeoVision 3. Numerous placement possibilities for colourful viewing experiences allows BeoVision 3 to stand out from the dark masses of today's widescreen television sets.

Television may be for everyone, but your own TV should be just for you. With the new BeoVision 3 (introduced late 2001), a wide-screen experience awaits everyone the way that TV should be. Close your eyes and imagine your perfect TV. Should it have the latest digital surround sound decoder and a connection for extra loudspeakers? Integrated control of your satellite and DVD sources? And what about an anti-reflective contrast screen to improve your viewing comfort? Whatever you opt for, what you get as standard is Bang & Olufsen sound and picture quality - and a luxurious television experience that matches your own personal needs exactly.

When it comes to widescreen television, you may think that you've seen it all before. But take a look at the BeoVision 3 and see what happens when intelligent design meets state-of the art technology. A perfect 76cm (viewable picture) screen and truly great sound removes the distance between you and what's happening on the screen.

Picture it for yourself: A widescreen TV elegantly framed in a colour of your choice. BeoVision 3 is designed to match your personal environment as well as your demands for a perfect viewing experience.

Clear Vision

What is it you're watching on the screen? A true picture or poor image? BeoVision 3's real-flat screen offers the best viewing possible and the widescreen format ensures that it's made for movie-watching.

The more you can lose yourself in a film, the more enjoyable the experience becomes. That's why B&O tries to eliminate anything that can come between you and a good picture. Like reflections. A special coating on the screen reduces them to an absolute minimum and ensures you a perfect viewing experience.

VisionClear is not something you're meant to notice, but just enjoy. It starts already when you switch your BeoVision 3 on. Within a second it adjusts contrast levels, brilliance and colour to match the unique light conditions in the room - and will carry on doing so until you switch off again.

Sound is half the picture

The crisp highs and thunderous lows that accompany today's video entertainment ring out loud and clear thanks to B&O's active loudspeaker competencies. Whether you wish to enjoy the broad stereo perspective provided by BeoVision 3's built-in stereo speakers, or opt for a five speaker, BeoLab 2 subwoofer-led multi-channel surround sound experience, you'll gain a whole new way to look at sound.

Build-in options

A wealth of build-in module options provide BeoVision 3 with an outstandingly high level of customer optimisation. From 5.1 channel Dolby Digital surround sound, satellite reception or the ability to watch two programmes at once, BeoVision 3 can accommodate a myriad of customer needs. Additionally, BeoVision 3 can serve as a Beolink® master, distributing sound and picture throughout the home in B&O's patented distribution system. Full compatibility with all Beolink® enabled B&O products is naturally included, as well as seamless connections with Bang & Olufsen's DVD 1 and Beocord V8000 videotape recorder. Operation of all products takes place via the Beo4 remote control.


What's the best way to watch television? Your way! With BeoVision 3 you put together the TV you've always dreamed of - and once you've made your choices, it's a simple matter of sitting back and letting the show begin.

Where do you want it? BeoVision 3 can stand by itself or be placed on its own specially designed floor stand - with space for both a Beocord DVD1 and a Beocord V8000 video tape recorder.

Change colour as you change your mood

Red today, perhaps green or yellow tomorrow - the choice is yours. The coloured textile front, which encompasses the picture like a frame around a painting, may be exchanged with another in a new colour in seconds. No tools are required for this quick and easy operation. It just pulls off!

In the autumn of 2002 a motor base/stand was introduced to accommodate BeoVision 3 (see above). A new smaller version of the television was introduced in late 2003: BeoVision 3 28.

BeoVision 3 Press Release

BeoVision 3 - A colourful 32” Widescreen Real Flat Television from Bang & Olufsen provides an outstanding home entertainment experience.

With its striking design, eye catching colours and intelligent features, Bang & Olufsen’s BeoVision 3 stands out from the dark mass of today’s widescreen televisions. Featuring a high-quality 16:9, 32” Real Flat widescreen with powerful sound capacity it is a colourful addition to any home.

• Visual Appeal

Whether it’s fiery red or a tranquil blue you’re after, the BeoVision 3 has an interchangeable frame in a selection of six daring colours – red, blue, yellow, green, grey and black, to suit your mood and interior space.

• Cinema Surround Sound

Its active loudspeaker system reproduces an impressively rich stereo sound from crisp highs to thunderous lows so that you can enjoy the full cinema experience from the comfort of your sofa and linked to the new BeoLab 2 subwoofer loudspeakers, it provides an impressive multi-channel surround sound for those avid film aficionados.

• Designed for flexible living

The slim dimensions allow for a flexible approach to sitting it within the home, and it even has its own stylish stand if required.

BeoVision 3 fulfils a number of customer needs

• If you can’t decide what to watch and regularly end up flicking from one programme to another – BeoVision 3 enables you to watch two channels at once!

• For those who want to re-create the cinema atmosphere in their living room – BeoVision 3 has Dolby surround sound

• If it’s up-to-the minute news you’re after – BeoVision 3 has satellite reception for 24 hour news coverage

• And if you’re someone who loves watching the end of a movie from the comfort of the bedroom – BeoVision 3, when linked up to Bang & Olufsen’s DVD 1 or Beocord V8000, can distribute sound and pictures throughout the home to other integrated Beolink® products. So when you’re ready to crawl into bed and watch the last half an hour in ultimate comfort, just take the Beo4 remote control and press play!

BeoVision 3 - 32 Product Specifications

BeoVision 3 - 32
Dimensions W x H x D: 96 x 77 x 58cm Weight: 65 kg

Front Cloth Colours: Red, Black, Grey, Dark Grey, Green, Blue, Yellow

Power consumption: Typical 134 watt/stand-by < 1.8 watt
Terminal included: Beo4

Picture tube/Visual picture 81 cm / 76 cm (16:9)
Wide-Screen, Real Flat

Curtain: Electronic

Contrast screen (Optional): Anti-reflex coating

Auto picture adjustment
Auto cut-off
Digital CTI
Adaptive Luminance Peaking
Scan Velocity Modulation
Improved letterbox
Motion Clear

Teletext level 2*, 1780 pages
Wide Screen Signalling (WSS)
FastText (FLOF), 4 memory pages per program
17 Teletext languages in 7 groups
Group 0 English, German, Swedish, Italian, French, Spanish/Portuguese, Czech/Slovak
Group 1 Polish, German, Swedish, Italian, French, Serbo-croat, Czech/Slovak, Romanian
Group 2 English, German, Swedish, Italian, French, Spanish/Portuguese, Turkish
(Russian) Group 3 English, Russian, Estonian, Czech/Slovak, German, Lithuanian/Lettish, Ukrainian
(Greece) Group 4 English, German, Swedish, Italian, French, Spanish/Portuguese, Turkish, Greek
(Arabic) Group 5 English, Arabic, French
(Hebrew) Group 6 English, Hebrew, Arabic
Tuning: Auto-tune, program move and semiautomatic naming

Tuner range: 45 - 860 MHz, VHF, S, Hyper, UHF

TV programmes: 99

Stereo decoders: A2 + NICAM

Theft protection: With pin-code or Disabled

Speakers :
Power amplifier modules:
4 units

Long term max. output power per module: 39 watts

Frequency range: 55 - 20,000 Hz

Max. sound pressure level: 96 dB

Cabinet principle/ Net volume: Bass Reflex / 3.5 litres

Woofer: 115 mm
Tweeter: 18 mm
Bass equalizer: Adaptive
Magnetic shielded: Yes
Dolby® Digital Decoder : (optional)
Decoding capabilities:
Dolby® Digital 5.1 channel decoding
Dolby® Pro-Logic decoding of two channel Dolby® Digital
Dolby® Pro-Logic decoding of two channel PCM
Dolby® Pro-Logic decoding of two analogue channels (Lt/Rt)
Automatic format detection (Dolby® Digital, PCM)
Calibration :
3 channel Tone control & loudness (L/C/R)
Bass management, Delay management

Sound modes (Speaker 1 - 5):
Speaker 1:
Stereo internal speakers (Subwoofer muted)
Speaker 2 2.0/2.1 :
Stereo external speakers / Stereo external speakers + Subwoofer
Speaker 3 3.0/3.1 :
Dolby®-3 stereo / Dolby®-3 stereo + Subwoofer
Speaker 4 4.0/4.1 :
Stereo-4 / Stereo-4 + Subwoofer
Speaker 5 5.0/5.1 :
Dolby® Digital or Dolby® Pro-Logic Surround / Dolby® Digital + Subwoofer

Connections :
- Digital audio input
- External BeoLab speakers:
2 x Coax phono, Input-1 for AV-SCART, Input-2 for DECODER-SCART
5 x Power Link (Left, Right, Rear left, Rear right, Subwoofer. - Internal Centre)

Speakers recommended, Front/Rear:
BeoLab 8000, BeoLab 6000, BeoLab 4000 or BeoLab1

Speakers recommended, Subwoofer: BeoLab 2

System modulator : (optional):
Splitter/System modulator output to Link Room (Beolink Video Distribution)

Frequency range:
479 - 831 MHz (in 1 MHz step), Dual side band

Automatic Gain Control

According to type : FM sound system G : 5.5MHz, FM sound system I : 6MHz

Connection: 1 x 75 ohm arial male

Satellite module : (optional)

Tuner range: 950 - 2150 Mhz

Programmes: 119 TV/Radio

Sound systems: Mono/Stereo

Satellite radio: Yes

Down conv. Supply:
14/18 Volts control, Tone control (22 Khz)
DiSEqC (One way control)

Connections: 2 x F-connector (2 x 75 ohm)

Set Top Box-Controller : (optional)

Controlling boxes with BEO4:
Supported boxes : Se list at Bang & Olufsen Retail System (via internet)

Controlling one or two boxes (2 x STB):
1 box controlled by use of the IR-blaster included in the kit.
2 box controlled by use of the IR-blaster included in the kit and IR Y-adaptor(6174171) and one more IR-blaster(8330352).

Connection: 1 x Stereo mini jack

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