BeoMaster 5000 Tuner/Amplifier

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Manufactured: 1983 - 1986
Designer: Jacob Jensen
Colours: Aluminium

Long, medium and FM wavebands were featured on this high-technology 2 x 55 watts receiver that served as the heart of Beosystem 5000 introduced in 1983.

A frequency-synthesized tuner with automatic fine tuning and two-speed manual drive all contributed to fast, accurate location of radio programmes and superb reception quality. Nine station frequencies (on any combination of wavebands) could be stored in the Beomaster's microcomputer memory for instant recall.

The low-distortion stereo amplifier included a very advanced feature, unique to Bang & Olufsen: Automatic Power Handling Control. This special circuit continuously monitored the dynamic range and power of the signal and instructed the microcomputer to decrease volume if the combined effects of these two parameters threatened to cause amplifier "clipping" or damage to the speakers. This type of overload became increasingly common since the introduction of the Compact Disc, which can produce signals of enormous dynamic range, but it could not occur in Beomaster 5000.

An internal, variable-speed fan ensured the proper dissipation of heat, even when the Beomaster was used in a stack format. Direct operation of all primary functions was available on the Beomaster itself should the Master Control Panel not be to hand. These controls were located beneath a hinged cover which sprang open at a touch

Beomaster 5000 had no visible controls. Normal operation was by means of the Master Control Panel - a slim, table-top keypad that gave chair-side access to all functions including microcomputer programming and storage, timer facilities, status check, day and clock display, volume, tone and stereo balance adjustments and control of all sound sources. A programme-sequencing facility allowed you to pre-plan a whole evening's listening composed of record, radio and cassette music in any order and combination. Once set, this "command performance" would play continuously as instructed without further use of the controls

BeoMaster 5000 Tuner/Amplifier Product Specifications

2321 (1983 - May 1986)
D 2329 (1983 - May 1986)
GB 2322 (1983 - May 1986)
USA 2323 (1983 - May 1986)
J 2324 (1983 - May 1986)
AUS 2325 (1983 - Sept 1985)
Power output 20 - 20000 Hz IHF: 2 x 50 W / 8 ohms
Total harmonic distortion IHF: < 0.09 %
Intermodulation IHF: < 0.1 %
Response frequency 20 - 20000 Hz: +/- 1.5 dB

FM range: 87.5 - 108 MHz; 76 - 90 MHz (type 2324)
LW range: 150 - 350 kHz
MW range: 520 - 1616 kHz

Power supply:
2321: 220 V
2322 - 2325: 240 V
2324: 100 V
Power consumption 15 - 260 W
Dimensions W x H x D: 42 x 7.5 x 32.5cm

RIAA amplifier: built-in

Connections: Gramophone DIN + Phono
Tape 1 DIN
Tape 2 DIN + Phono
Speakers 2 sets
Aerial FM 75 an 140 ohms

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