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The BeoWorld Christmas 2020 Prize Draw

It's high time we had some of our wonderful BeoWorld 'Festive Frivolities' again - so here they are!!! How time flies... Yes, it's the The BeoWorld Christmas 2020 Prize Draw, beaming to you live via the wonders of the Interweb at 8pm UK Time on Tuesday the 22nd of December!!!! Yes, more fantastic Prizes for YOU to win and enjoy as you throw tinsel in the air with pure excitement when you see the prizes we have on offer!! We've been scouring the market to buy the very best products we can lay our hands on, just to give our lovely BeoWorld members the very best we can. Thank you for looking at the Prize Draw pages, and remember - if you're a Gold Level Member you're automatically entered into the draw - all you need to do after that is sit back, enjoy the draw, and wait for the prizes to come rolling in! We've actually got a large number of members who have won multiple times and some have recouped the cost of their membership literally hundreds of times over, such are the massive odds of winning a prize - so what are you waiting for?! It also supports the cost of running BeoWorld, which of course we're all very grateful for.. Good Luck from everyone at BeoWorld !!!

1st Prize - Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Edge in Aluminium

1st Prize
First Prize

A BeoWorld First this Christmas!! In 1st Place we have.. A Stunning BeoSound Edge!! This ex-Dealer Display unit comes complete with Black covers and sits in an original B&O box all ready to be sent anywhere in the world! Int he words of Bang & Olufsen themsleves, BeoSound Edge is a compact and powerful wireless speaker, which through magical interaction, timeless design and cutting-edge acoustic innovation, offers a mesmerising listening experience. Here at BeoWorld we just say 'It sounds fantastic!' and leave it at that - but if you win First Prize this Christmas you can tell us your own opinion as it'll be sitting neatly in your lovely home!!

2nd Prize - BeoPlay H8 / E8 3rd Gen Bundle - New/Sealed

2nd Prize
Second Prize

In Second this Christmas we have all bases covered when it comes to private listening! We have a new, boxed and sealed pair of BeoPlay H8 Headphones in Black for those lazy afternoons in a comfy chair - and for when you're out and about and on the go we're throwing in a set of the very latest boxed and sealed pair of E8 3rd Generation Earphones in the stunning 'Grey Mist' colour scheme. With a combined total RRP of over £650 we're sure you'll be rather excited if you bag second prize!

3rd Prize - BeoPlay P6 Active Bluetooth Speaker - New/Sealed

3rd Prize
Third Prize

Here we have a brand new, boxed and sealed BeoPlay P6 in the beautiful Black colour scheme for you if you win 3rd this Christmas! Feel the freedom of up to 16 hours of rich and powerful sound in a portable, expressive Bang & Olufsen design. Beoplay P6 is where premium sound meets expert craftsmanship. Use the B&O App to personalise, or use the buttons on the unit to control, then sit back and be wowed by the sound! These little beauties really do pack a punch for such a compact design. All yours if you win 3rd..

4th Prize - The BeoWorld B&O Wedgewood Set


Are the family coming round this Christmas? Do they want to drink their Tea's, Coffees and Hot Chocolates from the very finest mugs, cups and saucers available? If the answer is Yes, we have the solution! How about SIX original Dealer Issue Coffee Cups and Saucers. PLUS an additional SIX genuine Dealer Issue Wedgewood Coffee Mugs! Yes, everyone can admire your B&O whilst drinking from a cup or mug with B&O written on it, all whilst listening to you talking about your B&O. Bombard and convert... It's an advertising executives dream! All yours if you bag 4th this Christmas!!

5th Prize - BeoPlay A2 Active Bluetooth Speaker - New/Sealed


In 5th this Christmas we have the perfect portable listening companion for those chilly Winter days (and evenings, and mornings..) in the form of a brand new and sealed Bang & Olufsen A2 Active Loudspeaker, finished in the lovely 'Stone Grey' Colour Scheme. The sound which comes from these little boxes of power is truly incredible. They can literally fill a room with powerful B&O sound and make you wonder who hid the full sized stereo somewhere! All yours if you're lucky enough to win 5th this Christmas. Good Luck!

6th Prize - BeoPlay S8 Connection Hub - New/Boxed


Take your non B&O TV sound system to the next level with the BeoPlay S8 connection hub that allows you to connect to almost any TV or audio source. The connection hub communicates with your TV remote or any other remote through IR commands, making integration seamless. Link up to three audio sources at once, and the connection hub can automatically change to the most recent audio source to play allowing you to listen to music, and transition easily to watching TV—by just switching on the TV, the TV audio will take over. Wirelessly connect to up to three audio sources including TV. Connection Hub learns IR Commands from your TV remote, or almost any other remote making it SO easy to connect your B&O Active Speakers! All yours if you win 6th this Christmas!!

7th Prize - BeoPlay E6 Motion Earphones - White - Sealed


In 7th we have a brand new, boxed and sealed pair of E6 Motion Earphones in trendy White! Lightweight, in-ear wireless earphones designed for a dynamic and active lifestyle. With a range of ear tips and fins to choose from, E6 Motion are fully customizable. Because not all ears are the same, E6 Motion come with a choice of ear fins for a more ergonomic, secure and customizable fit making them the perfect everyday companion while you’re on the go. Great B&O Sound, a real premium feel - and just waiting to be enjoyed by YOU!

8th Prize - BeoPlay Charging Pad - Limestone - New/Sealed


Incredibly stylish - and rather handy. Here we have a gorgeous Bang & Olufsen Wireless Charging Pad in the latest 'Limestone' finish. This wireless charging pad is a Bang & Olufsen premium Qi-certified wireless charger and is brand new, boxed and sealed. The elegant blend of authentic materials let Wireless charger become one with your interior space. Supporting 5W and 10W and looking SO premium, it's the perfect B&O accessory!

9th Prize - £100 to spend in the Gift Shop


Put your hands in the air and spend it like you just don't care, said someone, in a song.. once, we think.. Well, 'stack your cash and hit the virtual mall' here on BeoWorld - you've got £100 to spend on ANYTHING in our Gift Shop!! Don't worry about postage either.. it's FREE!! Choose from YSL to Pens, to Mousemats, to Long Sleeved Polo Shirts to Baseball Caps. It's your £100 this Christmas, so you spend it frivolously.. Enjoy!

10th Prize - Bang & Olufsen Spark to Icon Book


10th Prize and the first out of the (rather heavy) bag this Christmas sees a return to massage therapy for your poor postman and his aching back. Yes, it's the literary leviathan that goes by the name of "Spark to Icon". An official Bang & Olufsen publication charting the creation and rise of Bang & Olufsen from the Eliminator through to BeoLab 5 taking you on a multi-page journey through the history of the company we all know and love. A great read, and now something of a collectors piece. All yours if you win our festive tenth prize..

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