RIP Peter Pan

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      Many of you will know Peter Pan – especially from his drawings of (B&O) cabling and (B&O) setups in general.

      So I thought I’d let you know that Peter has passed away on April 1 this year.

      He had suffered quite a long time from several diseases and was in the last weeks sleeping/resting most of the time.

      Finally he now has found peace – he died sleeping in his bed in the night to April 1.


      I have known Peter for many years now and have had many chats and discussions (per email or phone) with him – not only about B&O-things.

      We have been writing on the same (danish) forums – actually this was how we ‘met’ some 15 years ago.

      Thereafter I did visit him regularly one or two times a year.

      He lived in Hillerød north of Copenhagen, which is relatively far from where I live.


      Peter was very productive, indeed incredibly productive.

      Since around 2005 he has had several threads on many (danish) forums, some of the biggest are:

      which had over 1100 pages and tons of hits.




      It would be very hard to become an overview over the numerous threads he started – I guess only Peter himself knew.

      Of course often the content and the drawings were repeated on the various threads.

      But it can be fun to follow/track down some of these thread – Peter often had very funny drawings/pictures included.

      Also it lets you experience Peter and his relation to B&O/the products and the history of B&O in the last 20 years in general.


      Speaking of drawings………Peter was not a learned person.

      Actually he left school after primary and then became a baker.

      He worked as a baker for many years until it became too difficult for the family in the small apartment to combine his need for sleep in the daytime with an ordinary family life….bakers mostly work at night and in the early mornings.

      So he got a job as a communal worker in his hometown Hillerød…..where he was born and lived all his life.

      That was a job that suited him, so he kept it until he was retired.

      Now he has been buried there, not far from where he used to play as a kid.


      In his younger days he was into hifi, which at that time often included tingering with gear, electronics, soldering – the analog thing back then.

      In those days he developed his skills for creating diverse hifi solutions and so his love for creating cable drawings and for basic electronics in general came about. Later on he bought a computer……he loved his old school pc.

      Peter was a self-learning person, an autodidact.


      He did not speak or write english – but he made full use of Google Translate, when needed.

      This is also the reason, why he very seldom has posted on the Beoworld forum.


      Those who knew Peter, will know that he was pretty ‘conservative’.

      Back in 2005/6 he created the B&O setup that he kept almost unchanged until now.

      You can read about that here:

      and here:


      He kept his BV7-40….because “that does all that I need”, as he often said.

      No need for a change to the ‘modern things’ there!

      The Beowox Pentas were his one and only favourite – driven by an external ICEPower amp.

      The BL4000 that originally were his desktop speakers, now became the surround speakers.

      He did not like the BL2, so he bought an Audio Pro ACE-Bass B1.20, which stayed in the setup.


      For Peter the BV7 with the BSys3 and a BL7-4 remained the pinnacle of the B&O tv products – what came after that was “something that was created just to save production costs”, so he said.

      He was terrified of the thought that the B&O products in the following years would not be produced in Struer/Denmark anymore.

      He was quite upset when I told him, that I had bought a Beoplay V1….that was in his eyes pure blasphemy.


      The new NL-based link was for him unacceptable – he bough a (danish produced!) set of the Dynaudio Xeo 3 with the small multiroom hub, which he used as desktop speakers and occasionally moved to the kitchen in the small apartment. That became somehow also connected to the BV7 and the pc.


      Not that Peter further on would not know of all the new things that came from Struer.

      As you can see he posted about these in his threads and even included them in his recommendations for setups, answered questions about these, as good as he could.

      But they were definitely not for him – kind of a love and hate relation!


      Many of his postings were about how to connect ‘anything-not-B&O’ to an exciting B&O setup.

      He was also a firm believer that old preowned B&O devices/speakers could be of more use, than all the modern B&O ‘mono speakers’ that were produced since Tue Mantoni took over as the CEO.


      I remember how hard it was to convince him to buy an iPad mini back then – afterwards he often posted pictures, where you can see that.

      It was the only iPad he ever had….it did what he needed.


      Back in the good old days Peter og his wife were invited to visit B&O Struer – you can read (and see pictures) about this here:

      This was something that he was very proud of and often told people about.




      There could be much more to tell!

      Did you know that the name ‘Peter Pan’ came from the kids in the neighbourhood.

      When Peter was out with his german shepherd dog named Pan, they greeted them ‘here comes Peter Pan’.

      Peter was a dog trainer earlier on and had had several german shepherd dogs.

      Skærmbillede 2023-04-23 kl. 11.39.58

      I am sure I’ll miss him – he was a dear friend…….even if we disagreed on many things.

      We have had many a fierce discussion, but always in a friendly way – that was how Peter was……he liked intense, heated discussions!



      He posted right up to his last days – after getting help to change place from the sofa/bed to his beloved PC corner.

      This was one of his last post:

      Skærmbillede 2023-04-23 kl. 15.54.40


      Maybe these few words can give you some insight in the person behind Peter Pan.

      Those of you, who understand danish (or are patient enough to google translate his threads) can find much information there and also a lot of amusement.


      So now rest in peace Peter – we are many who worship, what you have created in the last 20 years…..which now remains for us.









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        Sad news indeed – thank you for letting us know MM, and for giving us some heartfelt background information about Peter’s life and loves.

        I really enjoyed Peter Pan’s hifi4all threads and visited his posts many times (albeit with Google Translate) to check correct cabling whilst experimenting with new setups, as well as looking for new ideas.  I too was impressed that gave extensive help to those with the much newer products, whilst remaining (understandably) set-in-his-ways regarding his legacy, BV7-based system.

        He’ll be missed, but I look forward to making use of his excellent work for many years to come.



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          May it be a need for multi-room setups up there.
          I had a little “silent friction” with him when he repost a photoshop picture of a Wall mounted Beovision Harmony that looked like an Ikea foldable side table I did without crediting me.
          Appart from that I believe his drawings are still constantly looked for by guys like me, Guy, Madskp and many others…

          Thanks MM.

          I’d like to know many of you before having to read your life on Beoworld because you’re not there anymore.

          This is Beoworld.

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            His connection drawings is inded great for inspiration, and will hopefully continue to be.

            To his credit many of them show up in google picture search even when I search in english.

            I did not know him only followed his thread when he had one in the Nordic forum here on Beoworld.

            May he rest in peace


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              Thanks for letting us know MM. I will remember his contributions to the forum with sometimes hilarious photoshop exercises but mostly with very helpful insights and visuals. Always worth a read. I do like his stubbornness to stick with what he needed, changing just to change is not always good.

              It’s nice to know you had this special friendship going on!

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                Thanks very much for the background and context to Peter and his life (both B&O and more generally).   A salient reminder to all, myself especially, that life is full of diverse characters, many of whom can share the same hobby.  So, many thanks for your nicely reflective post.

                Pass on best wishes from, I’m sure, the broader community.

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                  Sad news, but thanks for all the context MM.

                  I always thought Peter’s diagrams and pictures were brilliant, and needed no language translation.


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                    Sincere condolences to Peter’s family. This is sad news. Yes, his diagrams were very explicative.  He was also quite active in the forum (I don’t read Danish, but I used Google translate to follow his quite colorful discussions).

                    By the way, I still have my BV7-MkIII, which is now in a bedroom. The set had developed  a backlight problem (picture went off after 30 minutes) and tuner issue (required to “warm up” before working), but thanks to a donor set that was kindly given to me by my dealer, I was able to fix it. I will eventually post pictures and details in the workbench sub forum.

                    Again, sincere condolences to Peter’s family




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                      Very nice post, Millemissen.  I’m not sure I ever knew of him, but of course even I have seen his diagrams.

                      Ave atque vale.

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                        Sad news indeed…

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                          Condolences to Peter’s friends and family, and thank you to Millemissen for such a great post enlightening us on him as a person.

                          B&O has lost a great advocate and a true enthusiast. He truly appreciated what the brand stood for and appreciated the great (legacy) products we all love.

                          RIP Peter Pan, from all of us at BeoWorld.

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                            Sad news.

                            I have often read his threads. Thank you MM, for the insight in his life.

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                              Thanks Millessen for such a detailed write up.

                              RIP Peter

                              Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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                                Really sorry to hear this sad news. My condolences to Peter’s family. Thanks MM for telling us Peter’s story in such a thoughtful and caring way.

                                Kind regards, Steve.

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                                  Sad news.Condolences to the family.MM thanks for posting,this forum lost great man,

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                                    Sad news – I’ve enjoyed looking at some of his work..
                                    Condolences to his family.

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                                      Thank you Millemissen for letting us know, both about the sad passing away of Peter and the nice text about Peter and his life’s story.

                                      RIP Peter

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                                        Truly, truly, I say to you, when you were young, you used to dress yourself and walk wherever you wanted, but when you are old, you will stretch out your hands, and another will dress you and carry you where you do not want to go.” (This he said to show by what kind of death he was to glorify God.) And after saying this he said to him, “Follow me.”

                                        John 21:18-19

                                        RIP Peter

                                        My condolences to his family and his friends.


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                                          This is sad news indeed! I am very late to this thread but I would be remiss not to acknowledge Peter’s dedication and passion for B&O – both the products and community.

                                          From my earliest years of BeoWorld forum reading/lurking/posting I remember seeing his constant updates and refinements to his system where he built a stand-alone ICEpower amp for his Pentas. As many have said in the posts above, his drawings and diagrams are legendary.

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                                            Sad news.
                                            He contributed so much to our B&O community.

                                            My condolence to his family!

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