Restoring Beogram 3404 – speed issues

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      I am trying to restore a Beogram 3404. The only issue I am struggling with is the rotational speed – too slow. I’ve changed the belt, utilized the +5, -5 wheel  on the deck, also adjusted the ‘pot’ adjusters accessed on the bottom…but to no avail.

      Other observation made was that by pressing and holding the rotate button alone the rotation sped up (still at the 33 setting) but was now over-speed closer to 45 rpm…pressing the 45 rpm led to even more increased speed.  Adjusting the ‘pot’ adjuster from bottom did not seem to have any change. Also holding the rotate button down does not always lead to increased speed at 33 setting – most of the time it just rotates at the same slow pace as if an LP was on the platter,

      I have a set of bearings on the way to rebuild the motor but I am not able to find a capacitor kit for this model. Any suggestions where to start on the electronic side would be welcomed. It does not appear that there is a recap kit for this model on Beo-parts.

      By the way – when hooked up to a beomaster 4500 or 3000, sound comes through fine…just too slow.


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        Check for cracked solder joints, particularly where connectors are soldered in the main PCB.


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          Thank you, will do! I’ll let you know what I find. Much appreciated, Tony


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            I am also trying to restore a Beogram 3404 turntable. It plays too slow at the 33rpm setting, but when I switch it to 45rpm it plays at 33rpm, which is odd, but at least I can play my 33rpm records at the 45rpm setting, but, of course, I can’t play 45rpm records due to this glitch. Any thoughts or suggestions?


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