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      I just saw the video from Steve, so I wanted to stop in and say congrats to Mark. Also big thanks to Keith and Lee, It’s been such a blessing to be here, learn about B&O, and help share ways to fix our beloved products.

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        Thanks to all for the good work over the years, and thanks to the new owner Mark for letting us have Beoworld in the future.

        Best regards


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          how are the plans in the transition phase, when will the forum be able to be used again?
          I respect all the work to be done, it just would be nice to get some further information.
          Especially, since some weeks the archived forum is not accessible any more, and this seems still to be the case.
          Further, the navigation through the site does often result in dead ends, I wanted to access the articles and schematics or the three forums

          Best regards

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            Why do we get these weird popup messages (‘forum is going offline’ etc etc) announcing a tranmission.
            This has been going on for days now.
            More information please!

            Even weirder is that I can write this message despite the forum not working :-0


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              What is going on with the forum? It used to be so user-friendly. What’s with the mysterious pop-ups? Have you let the B&O App developers take over? That will screw things up for sure… ?

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                Yes I agree, we need more information please!
                By the way, I’ve never been a bronze member — always gold! Odd.

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