Creating custom PUC for unsupported devices

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      Hello, has anybody been able to create a custom PUC so that it works with 3rd party devices?

      I’m half way there and I was able to control the Nvidia shield pro lately but there are keys that are mapped on the beoremote one that I don’t understand what they do.

      I have the IR codes of one the remote control I’m trying to integrate with my Beovision but the key association is a bit misleading. Any support is appreciated.


      The numbers, cursor and back buttons are working however the Blue/green/red and yellow dots are not.

      Red dot should be cont_red but it looks like it’s not…. Also what’s exactly Shift+1/2/3/4/5… on the beoremote?

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        I’d appreciate any primer on how to build a custom PUC. I suspect if it can be done – and it seems you are doing it! That capability along with LIRC, should make it possible to control anything IR.

        sounds very exciting!

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