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      I have a few Beosound core’s working just fine and using TuneIn for radio. The problem is that for some or other reason TuneIn is not transmitting certain radio stations anymore due to “This station is not available in your region”. I live in Belgium and want to receive some Dutch radio channels. Now I can “trick” TuneIn by adding a stream URL and can still listen to the Dutch channels but do not like this.

      On my Beolab 28 I have the choice of TuneIn and B&O radio if I select B&O radio the Dutch radio channels can be selected (and played) without a problem.

      I would prefer to use B&O radio on my Beosound core (and Beosound Stage) systems but this is not supported (yet??) by B&O.

      Does somebody know if B&O is working on adding B&O radio to the Core and Stage systems? Or is there perhaps an alternative to TuneIn?



      PS Great that the forum is up and running again!!!





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        According to an earlier post in this forum (search Beolink Multiroom – as I can’t seem to copy the URL), B&O Radio will be available on all connected speakers in Q2 2022.  I would assume the Core counts as a connected speaker.

        I have this issue with TuneIn stations disappearing, too.  I’m looking forward to B&O Radio.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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