Beolab 28 – small crackling sound

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      I have my Beolab 28 fully wired with ethernetcabel. I discovered a week ago that there is small unfrequent crackling sound in the seconday Lab 28 when playing music directly from the speakers (Deezer).

      I have tried to change the secondary speaker to the other speaker and then small crackling sound sounds in the other speaker. So i dont think there is something wrong with one of the speakers.  I have done factory reset but it does not help.

      When I play music from my BV Theatre to the labs 28 with connected powerlink cables there is  NO sound problems at all. I think the newest software made this small crackling unfrequent sound in secondary speaker when playing music directly from the speaker. I think the fault is in the pairing software in the speakers.

      If you play som calm music that is recorded at low soundlevel and you put your ear to the secondary speaketr you will hear the small cracks. The frequence of the cracks is between every 10 seconds to minutes.

      Does anyone experience this problem?

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        I have been experiencing the same issue, always on the secondary speaker, very random clicking/clipping sound.

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