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    Hi alls,

    Now the OP problem is solved I’d like to add my case.

    I’ have two BG4002, one (A) is spinning fine the other (B) not so much. The second (B) was wowing mostly in 45 rpm but now it wows also in 33 rpm. Note that it may be that wowing is more noticeable in 45 than 33 and was ever there.

    I know I need to reinfuse the bearings as a starting point but frankly, I’m afraid of this step.┬áSo I tried another way.

    I swapped parts between A and B: belt, motor, keyboard. B is still wowing.

    I did’nt swap the main board because the BG are different types and on the B, there is one of those round flat orange capacitor that is not present on the A board. So there comes my questions:

    • Can those old trimmers be responsible for fluctuations? I beleive they can cause imprecise adjustment but once they’re set, they’re set, right?
    • what can, as th OP asked, cause fluctuations when the usual suspects (belt and motor) have been ruled out.

    Thank you for your advices.