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    That’s a very difficult question. First of all, products you own or would love to own :).

    For me, any Beolab really, but realistically I could only get as far as Beolab 28 if I really wanted to. I have yet to listen to them but I don’t dare to, in fear of falling in love and craving them at the expense of selling what I already have, which are current products I love :).

    My Balances and Beosound 1, my two pairs of H95s (I’d even get a third pair in the right colour). I also like my EQ but wouldn’t place it in front of the others.

    I also love the sound of the Beosound 2 which is why I’d like to buy one, because together with my two Balances it would sound absolutely epic.

    I agree that more people should buy the A9.