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    Thanks Keith – my original text follows …

    I thought that I would re-start this thread on the ‘new’ forum, if only to do a quick test of posting photos ?

    I recently got hold of a DVD1, which I presume is the more recent Type 4621.  Although there is no B&O label on the back, the rear socket layout matches the manual for the 4621 so that’s good enough for me.  Anyway, on testing it played very well but occasionally there was a slight resonant (plastic) vibration.  I opening it up and noticed a missing screw in the front of the tray mechanism.

    Keith has added the photo to the first post (after my photo uploading problems)- you can just see the missing screw hole in the mount nearest the camera.  I think it was missing from new, as the mounts internal thread had either stripped or slipped down.  I found some slightly longer TX10 M3 x 10mm screws and this tightened fine.  No more vibration ?

    As a test, I will try to upload a photo of the screws that I purchased.

    (No – still didn’t work, and I tried both drag/drop and from file manager!)