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    Just some notes on my experience so far.

    1. As a soundbar it sounds great on its own. But it is very much a soundbar.  I got no real sense of being on a sound stage or a ton of width, I was always aware that the sound is coming from infront of me. I never got a sense of sounds behind me, above me etc.
    2. If you are a theatre buff you will not be thrilled with JUST the theatre on its own. It’s good soundbar but it does not sound close to a real 5.1 speaker setup.
    3. I 100% do NOT agree with having just the theatre in the front and 2 rear speakers of 28’s or anything else.  The front width it creates is not wide enough even in my small room (Pictured above).  For music I’m sure it’s fine but not for movies.
    4. As soon as I connected my BL18’s as front LR and my BL3’s are rears everything sounded much much better.  Actual stage width and depth.  I don’t think you need BL18’s as front even something like a BL3 as front LR would make a difference.
    5. The software is buggy as hell.  Crashing, bad UX, missing options etc.  And I’m even using the beta version of the B&O app which is supposed to have better support for the theatre. The non beta app is just as buggy.
    6. The motorized stand is dead silent. If you move it manually it makes a bit of a sound though. (just overpriced and looks like old iMac)
    7. the cable management in the mount is great.
    8. The B&O app often shows the theatre offline (connected though ethernet) and in the first 24h it didn’t even list it at all and it even showed it as a new unit that needed to be setup with no speakers connected.  Then I tried it again later and it remembered everything that I had set on its own.
    9. The only major design flaw I would say is that you have to take off the front cover to plug in the mic or flip the mic switch
    10. The touch panel on the front top is too glossy and the plastic makes it look sorta cheap. They should have made it brushed black aluminum.
    11. The touch panel reflects the images off the tv and can be distracting
    12. When you turn on the theatre it takes a while to react and doesn’t make an immediate startup sound.  I hit Power and I have to wait 10 seconds before I can tell if it even noticed.
    13. I have a 3rd party sub but it won’t recognize it. So for now I am not using the sub and I feel that I MIGHT not even need one.  The bass coming from the theatre is much better than I thought it would be. It doesn’t have that kick I really like in movies so one day I Might get a BL19 to fill it in.
    14. The Halo is basically useless with the theatre for anything other than music/volume control.
    15. It looks amazing with the wood panel next to my matching BL18’s.
    16. The whole thing looks absolutely amazing. It looks like a TV from the 1950 that jumped into the future.
    17. I replaced my Sony 2016 AE1 OLED for the LG G2 and Im really not impressed with the G2.  Its good for 4K but anything that’s 480p – 720p looks terrible.
    18. Getting the TV mounted on the theatre was awful.  The stand is plastic and feels cheap and it’s not really flush with my tv.  I also can’t get it level with the theatre properly. I will have to tinker with it more but its a 2 person job.
    19. I haven’t had the chance to watch a movie on it yet, I will watch Top Gun tonight to get a good sense of how it performs.
    20. It doesn’t seem to have tuneIn radio built in.  My other B&O products do.
    21. Not to repeat myself but I could look at it all day even if the TV is off. It’s one of the nicest products Ive ever seen from them.

    I’ll provide more feedback as I have more time to play with it more