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    I have just changed 6 days ago my Gen 2 Eclipse 55” to a Beosound Theatre on a motorised wall bracket with a LG G2 65” screen.  Movies are my thing with Music secondary.

    Everything is run through the TV i.e. music is via an Apple TV 4K using either Apple Music or Amazon Music or YouTube Music (I subscribe to everything!).

    To my ears Apple Music on the ATV like for like track/sampling rate etc sounds better than Amazon Music.  Also if you search for a specific track in Apple Music and click to see the sampling rate select the best rate… to my ears when I listen to all versions of Fleetwood Max Everywhere (there are many recordings to stream) you can hear subtle differences through the BL17.

    I do not use the apps on the TV.  Also have a Sky Q on UHD 10bit, and a Panasonic UHD Blu-ray… I still buy the 4K disc for those films I except to be epic eg Tenet, Topgun Maverick (waiting for release in the UK in November) and stream from Netflix and Amazon Prime, Disney, Paramount those which I think are a 1 time watch.