Beolab 3500 & LCS9000 Useful FAQ's

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What is the latest version of Software for the Beolab 3500

The latest release is version 2.1 first manufactured on 29th December 2005


If I have an LCS9000 with version 1.0 software, can I also upgrade it to the latest version 2.1



How can determine the software version of my Beolab 3500?

Answer With the Beolab 3500 in standby, using the Beolink 1000, press MENU, then 0, then 0, then PLAY.

The software version will be displayed, if you use the up arrow it will then show A xxxxx where the value is audio hours x10 in use, then next up arrow will show B xxxxx the same for Video and the next mark C xxxxx will show the standby time. Press STOP to exit the service menu.


When I enter the service menu using the instructions above it does not work.

That means you have version 2 software or above installed. So you must press the MENU button twice. The first time you press the MENU button you will see the timer value. So you press MENU, then MENU, then 0, then 0, then PLAY


How much does the software upgrade normally cost ?

The typical price is £32 in the UK for the part plus installation which would normally take no longer than 30 minutes


What are the component parts that make up the software upgrade ?

You are actually replacing PCB 3 which is the Microprocessor and memory all in one module.


When I purchased my LCS9000, I was told it could only be used with MCL (Master Control Link), is this true ?

No, All units from day one shipment had both MCL and Master Link, however on the LCS9000’s the masterlink socket was covered with a black plug which made it appear that it only had MCL.

To use the MasterLink you need to remove the black plug and enable it via a service menu command. To get into the service menu to switch between ML & MCL press MENU then MENU then 0 then 2 then PLAY, then use the up arrow to switch, then store


Can both the Master Link and the MCL be used at the same time?

NO, it is one or the other. By defualt all LCS900’s were shipped enabled for MCL and all Beolab 3500’s were all shipped enabled for Master Link.


What functions will I notice different between version 2.0 and version 2.1?

If you use the SAT or DTV button on your Beo4, then it will now show DTV in the display.


What is the part number of the software or Microprocessor upgrade

The part number is 8006009


Other than software versions, what are the differences between the LCS9000 and the BeoLab 3500?

Nothing except the marketing of the product and the user manual!

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Created: 17th April 2007
Modified: 17th April 2007

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Reproduced with kind permission from BeoWorld member Keith Saunders. Many thanks!

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