Which Powerlink Cable do I need?

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For those speakers with a display, you need a fully wired Powerlink cable. Speakers needing this type include the Pentalabs, 3000, and 5000. These are commonly known as 'Mk2' and are much thicker than Mk1 or Mk3.

ICE Powered speakers such as the Beolab 3, and 9 need to use the 'Mk3' Powerlink cable that can be identified by a small triangle being moulded on the plastic plug end.

Other speakers can use the 4 core 'Mk1'cable that is much thinner, Beolab 4000, 6000 and 8000 can use these cables. However, mk.3 cables are a safer option than mk.1 cables, as they work with a much wider wide range of current and older Beolab speakers, including:-

* Beolab 1

* Beolab 2 Subwoofer

* Beolab 3

* Beolab 4

* Beolab 7.1 Centre Speaker

* Beolab 7.2 Centre Speaker

* Beolab 7.4 Centre Speaker

* Beolab 7.6 Centre Speaker

* Beolab 9

* Beolab 10 Centre Speaker

* Beolab 11 Subwoofer

* Beolab 2500

* Beolab 4000

* Beolab 6000

* Beolab 6002

* Beolab 8000

* Beolab 8002

It is essential that Beolab 5 speakers use the fully wired Mark 2 speaker wires. If used with a source with a digital output such as the BeoSound 9000 or BeoCenter 2, a digital cable can also be used in conjunction with the Powerlink cable, but the Powerlink cable is required whenever a B&O source is connected, even if this has a digital output.

You can obtain these cables (and any advice you may need) from LifeStyle AV or Sounds Heavenly Cables, who sponsor the BeoWorld Forums.

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Created: 1st March 2007
Modified: 29th May 2012

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