What is my Bang & Olufsen worth?

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Its always very difficult to give an exact value for used Bang & Olufsen products as tastes and fashions change regularly. However, you can be rest assured that Bang & Olufsen products (in general) hold their money well compared to other brands.

The best way to get an indication of the current market price is to look at places such as ebay UK, or ebay USA and other auction sites throughout Europe. Do a product search, but remember not to take one price as gospel.. Each auction end value for the same product can sometimes differ wildly for no apparent reason (mainly due to an excellent description and photos on a particular listing or a bidding war between potential buyers!) - so its always best to work out an "average value". You can also get a rough idea from pre-owned Bang & Olufsen specialists, and part exchange products that Official Dealers are clearing - but remember these people offer guarantees and have overheads so prices may be slightly higher than a private sale.


One thing to always remember about Bang & Olufsen is that Condition is Everything. People who buy B&O are generally perfectionists when it comes to their AV - so expect a lot less than market price if the item is in poor condition. On the flip side - if you have an absolutely Mint Condition product, you can more often than not attract a premium. Mint Condition means not a mark on it though... some peoples ideas of Mint can really vary!!

One last thing to remember is to clean the products before you offer them for sale. So many times people offer for sale a dusty, dirty and fingerprint covered piece of Bang & Olufsen and wonder why nobody wants to buy it. A little time spent carefully cleaning will pay dividends!

If you'd like to skip the research and just get an instant valuation (and offer) you could try www.beobuyer.co.uk who are one of the sponsors of this site!

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Created: 16th January 2007
Modified: 26th February 2019

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