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Beovision VisionClear

Discretely enhancing viewing pleasure

One of the most convincing features of the Beovision range addresses the fact that people watch television around the clock. It's called Automatic Picture Control, and it's unique to Bang & Olufsen.

While you’re watching television, the TV keeps an eye on the light level in the room. Close a curtain or switch on a lamp and the MX will automatically adjust itself to give you the best picture possible. A built-in sensor on the front of the panel constantly surveys the light conditions in the room and adjusts colour, contrast and brightness automatically, if a reading light is switched on, or sunlight suddenly floods the room.

Although the sensor isn’t very complicated, it controls virtually all picture adjustments, and Bang & Olufsen considers it to be among the most important elements in judging viewing comfort. Automatic Picture Control is incorporated in all television sets in the Beovision range.

The concept

Beovision VisionClear is a revolutionary electronic method synthesizing technology to translate picture quality into viewing comfort. VisionClear is a simple name for a list of advanced electronics which the viewer experiences, but hardly notices, simply because they work. You could say that they transform picture quality into viewing comfort. The concept includes the following elements: contrast screen, Automatic Picture Control, Automatic Cut-off, Wideband CTI and Adaptive Luminance Peaking (and RGB Scan Velocity Modulation on Beovision Avant). Thanks to Automatic Picture Control and the antireflective contrast screen, any adverse effects of incident light are effectively suppressed.

Dynamic Luminance Peaking gives more accentuated rendition of small details and increased sharpness. Colour Transient Improvement (CTI) gives the colours sharper edges, which is especially noticeable when figures in complementary colours are placed next to each other (sports programmes). Scan Velocity Modulation optimises the electron beam to improve the transition from black to white. Auto Cut-Off Control ensures brilliant stability of the picture throughout the lifetime of the TV.

How did it develop?

It had become increasingly difficult to explain the kind of picture quality that Bang & Olufsen was producing. The public wanted explanations and these became difficult to give when the technicians are constantly creating new standards. Accordingly, the concept of VisionClear arose as an overall Bang & Olufsen definition of high-class picture quality: Dynamic luminance Peaking, Wideband CTI, Black Line and, of course, Automatic Cut-off Control.

50 times every second, the colour balance is automatically regulated to give you the most lifelike picture possible. The VisionClear system also includes an (optional) Contrast Screen, which tones down the effects of strong light to ensure that your TV picture stays bright.

Enhancing viewing pleasure discretely

VisionClear is not something you're meant to notice, but just enjoy. It starts already when you switch on your Beovision. Within a second it adjusts contrast levels, brilliance and colour to match the unique light conditions in the room - and will carry on doing so until you switch off again.

Created: 11th January 2007
Modified: 20th February 2007

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