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Set-Top Box Controller

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With a Set-top Box (STB) Controller, you are no longer limited to receiving just terrestrial channels on your Bang & Olufsen television set. The STB Controller allows you to plug in and control satellite or cable television stations via your Beo4 remote control.

The STB Controller acts as an interpreter between the set-top box of your choice and the Beo4 remote control. This means that not only can all daily functions of the set-top box be operated by the Beo4 remote control, but you can also place the box out of sight. The Set-top Box Controller is not dependent on one single programme provider: you can choose between a number of set-top boxes. In a Beolink® system, one single set-top box will serve several television sets.

To enable you to control your Satellite/cable STB you need to subscribe to the service provider of your choice. The STB - like Sky's Digibox in the UK - can be positioned out-of-sight behind your television set or in another unobtrusive place. Even if the box is sited away from the TV set in a cupboard, for example, it can still be controlled via the able which comes with the STB module fitted in your (recent) Bang & Olufsen television set. An optic-fibre cable (10m provided as standard) is connected between the rear of the TV set via a 3,5mm jack) and the STB. The other end of this thin lead is placed over the set-top box's remote control 'eye', so, once set up on the menu of the TV set to acknowledge its presence, any signals travelling from the Beo4 through the television set and along the optic fibre is transferred to the receiver of the STB itself. The commands are then carried out by the STB in the normal manner. It is this way that you can access all the functions that you would normally do so via the STB's remote control - as if the box were in direct sight. Different STBs require different connections - the Sky HD box will need a SCART cable as well as an HDMI cable if the TV is capable of receiving HD signals.

Which Set Top Boxes can be controlled?

This depends on the year of manufacture of your television. For instance, a 2002 model Television will only have in the menu the current Set Top Boxes of the time so the latest Set Top Boxes are not likely to be on there.

However, your local B&O dealer or engineer can fit the latest software version for you which will have currently available and newly released Set Top Boxes in the Menu. To find out the very latest STB list and which Set Top Boxes are compatible please contact your Local Dealer or B&O Service Engineer.

Created: 11th January 2007
Modified: 28th April 2010

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