The Listening Panel

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The Listening Panel

Listening for perfection

While Bang & Olufsen uses the most advanced technology in the industry for measuring audio performance, the company never forgets that it isn't the technology which has to enjoy the fruits of its labours, but its customers.

That is why at a time when measurements have become ever more sophisticated, Bang & Olufsen established in 1983 its Listening Panel equipped with that most sophisticated of all instruments - the human ear!

Every Tuesday afternoon, the company's painstakingly-selected panel of seven people aged between 25 and 55, gather in a specially constructed listening room to evaluate the latest prototypes, early production models and products from rival manufacturers. Each member of the panel undergoes a special training course to determine the consistency of their evaluations. Band & Olufsen also arranges frequent trips to live concerts to establish 'real music' as a reference standard.

The listening panel is never told which piece of equipment it is being asked to evaluate. The speakers are hidden behind acoustically-transparent curtains to ensure that it is only the audio performance that influences the members' judgement. That ensures that tests are always carried out objectively and are not swayed by any uncontrolled factors like brand loyalty, design looks or perceived price.

Created: 10th January 2007
Modified: 13th February 2007

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