How should I clean my Bang & Olufsen product?

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How should I clean my Bang & Olufsen product?

Always try a diluted amount of soap and water first, applied to the surface of your product with a very soft brush. Use a vacuum cleaner attachment first in order to remove excess dust that may have accumulated.

For wood trim on your products then use a teak oil (or similar) applied sparingly with a soft cloth. Wipe off any excess after a minute or two and gently buff up.

For metal trim on older products this is generally brushed aluminium. To clean these again use a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Dry afterwards. This should remove most, if not all of the dirt and grime that has set in over the years.

More modern B&O products use either a shiny aluminium or stainless steel. Be very careful when you clean these as you can leave behind little ‘skid marks’ on their surfaces.

For plastic trims (for example the tops of record decks or digital readouts) again use a very soft cloth with just a small amount of soapy water applied to it. Dry off. If any marks or stains persist then try using silver polish. Apply the silver polish (Silvo is a good make) to a small out-of-sight area first; if you are satisfied then continue with the rest. This can be a long and laborious process, but it’s well worth it! Note that you will only remove minor, superficial scratches. For deeper scratches and gouges then you will have to either replace the offending part or learn to live with it!

For glass, a product to use (at least for those living in France) is St Marc Zerotrace Spécial Vitres Anti-coulure. This leaves no smears on the glass and leaves it as shiny as the day that it was manufactured! For those elsewhere, a good quality spray Glass Cleaner and Kitchen Roll does the trick - but be very careful with products that have Anti Reflective Glass Coatings.

Created: 26th March 2007
Modified: 26th March 2007

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